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The goal of this website is to offer you an in-depth knowledge of Tajweed, the art of reciting the Qur’an-e-Kareem, in the most interesting and absorbing manner along with presenting valuable insights into the various Qur’anic disciplines such as maqamaatriwayaat and tafseer – to name a few. 

From the tip of your tongue to the depths of your throat

The material will be primarily sourced from comprehensive works on Tajweed, notably the acclaimed book: Hidāyat al-Qārī ilā Tajwīd Kalām al-Bārī (The Reciter’s Guide to the Tajweed of Allah’s Word) and al-Burhān fī Tajwīd al-Qurʾān (The Evidence of the Qur’an’s Tajweed). 

The website will offer its material in multiple languages and in the most simplest of words so as to cater to a wide range of audience regardless of location, qualification or age. 

Similarly, a question page will be created where readers will be able to ask questions and be provided with authentic and relevant answers. 

Several more exciting features to be added soon.

Stay tuned and thank you for visiting TajweedExplained.com! 

  • Annonymus 11:33 pm 24/08/2020 Reply

    Can there be a feedback section on this website

    • Tajweed Explained 6:22 am 25/08/2020 Reply

      Salam. Kindly treat the comment section as a feedback area. Alternatively, you may send an email to tajweedexplained@gmail.com

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