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Tajweed During Ashara Mubaraka – 1440 (Indore)

06/09/2018 Archives

Often seen on the sidelines during the packed schedule of Ashara Mubaraka is the subject of tajweed which sees a brief mention around 30 minutes before the commencement of the Waaz Mubarak. 

Shehzada Husain bhaisaheb Burhanuddin Saheb (DM) is the flag-bearer of this art and delivers the beauties of tajweed to the audience which is left speechless at the skill and finesse of delivery they get to see live before them. 

However, despite there being sessions that elucidate points from the Waaz Mubarak itself, there is no session – public or private – to discuss tajweed, which undoubtedly is an integral part of the Ashara Mubaraka and holds a position of precedence in the sequence of events throughout the nine days of majlis.

This website aims to fill that space and post discussions directly pertaining to this art as delivered during Ashara Mubaraka – 1440 (Indore). Keep watching this blog to know more. 

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